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At Sintaxia, we are specialized professional translators. Some 90% of our work focuses on translation and related language services. We do not claim to be a global services firm or a sophisticated multinational with major diversification.

Sintaxia is a team of language professionals specializing in various languages and areas of expertise. Each one of our translators works exclusively in one, or at the most two, language pairs, and always translates into his mother tongue. We do not place our trust in multilingual or all-in-one translators, since the profile of our professional client imposes the obligation to always offer the best. Our translators do things well because they focus solely on what they know best.

Sintaxia has thus earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy firm as far as quality and punctuality are concerned, among the most demanding professionals: persons who cannot afford to present deficient documentation to a client, a public authority or a widely-circulated communications medium.


Sintaxia is not an agency merely acting as a broker between the client and various freelance translators, but rather a language services firm with a team of professionals who work hand in hand at the same office. For this reason, our teams can establish shifts, support one another and share expertise and efforts in order to meet the needs of our clients, even when given very tight deadlines. Our commitment to the client is to always do whatever is in our power to satisfy the client’s needs, no matter the complexity, and without the quality of our work suffering, thereby honoring the trust our client has placed in us.


Sintaxia is capable of offering the highest quality in very diverse fields of translation. Nonetheless, its roots as a firm specializing in legal and financial translation are ever-present, as demonstrated by the fact that our professional staff includes sworn translators-interpreters, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Consequently, we are able to offer sworn translation services with the same project deadlines as conventional translations. We also offer onsite assistance by sworn translators of various languages at judicial, administrative or notary public proceedings.


Sintaxia works exclusively with interpreters that are members of the Spanish Organization of Conference Interpreters in order to guarantee that these oral translation services meet our clients’ expectations, just like our written translations. We also have available state-of-the-art technical equipment, from interpretation cases with wireless listening devices to booths with several interpreters communicating via Wi-Fi.


As language professionals, our translators also perform “same language transactions”, i.e. review and editing of drafts and reference documents. Hence, in order to present any important document, whether or not in their mother tongue, our clients may entrust the document to us for review in order to guarantee an outstanding product. On the other hand, should you wish to present a proposal for bidding or tender, we can compile, order and provide coherence and body to the entire compendium of necessary information, coming from very different sources, and adapt such information to its recipients and purpose.

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